How to Instagram Live Two Person

How to Instagram Live Two Person

Instagram is a social media application that allows us to broadcast live. The live broadcast feature of Instagram is used quite a lot by many users. Users who live on Instagram can be in direct contact with the audience, they can read and respond to messages from them, which is very enjoyable for both parties. Instagram, two person have opened the feature to broadcast live. This was a very pleasing update for users who actively use the live broadcast.

Two person live broadcasting on Instagram has been used a lot especially in the days when we were in quarantine due to this COVID-19 outbreak. All bored users at home either open a live broadcast for two people or help their friends who open a live broadcast join their live broadcasts and have a good time.

How to Make Two Person Live Broadcast on Instagram?

First of all, you should start a normal live broadcast on Instagram. Then press the two person live broadcast button on the bottom right. From there, you can send an invitation to a user who is a spectator to your live broadcast and participate in your live broadcast. Of course, your two-person live broadcast invitation must be accepted from the other party. 

As soon as the live broadcast starts, the screen is divided into two and you are simultaneously maintaining two live broadcasts. In the live broadcast of two person, you can change the person that accompanies you at any time. In addition, the user participating in your live broadcast can exit the live broadcast at any time. After your broadcast ends, you can share or delete the broadcast as a story that will remain for 24 hours.

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