How to Add Poll on Instagram Stories

How to Add Poll on Instagram Stories

Instagram stories, each day by incorporating a different opportunity and change, sharing and fun to use in some cases allows the use of. In addition to being able to make live broadcasts via Story, using different emojis and GIFs, you can share; You will also be able to feel the difference of conducting a survey without any problem by using the Add Poll to Instagram Stories feature with the feedback you receive from your followers that a photo you take is beautiful or ugly.

You will need to click on the story section first to create a survey on the stories on Instagram, which can be used quickly and smoothly. You will then see “Create” in the bottom left of the screen that opens. You will need to reach the Poll section when you click on the build and scroll to the right. Whether you want to add a video or photo to the bottom, or directly by writing your question in the ask a question, Section, you can also publish your survey by sharing Yes or No two different words below.

You can use Instagram polls to interact with your followers. Because Instagram stories do not feature comments and likes. Only in Instagram stories DM (direct message) can be sent. Instagram users are able to keep up with their followers through questions and polls in the stories and stay in touch with them.

You can also share metrics of polls in Instagram stories you share. Your followers will be curious about the results of the questions you ask. For example, some Instagram users may want to ask their followers what is more beautiful by sharing hairstyles or photos in their stories. The easiest way to do this is to add and share polls in Instagram stories.

In general, you can use the Instagram stories polls feature, which you can ask whether the photos are good or bad, and which of the two elegant answers you ask by asking a question. In order to access all the facilities available on Instagram, you will have to log in to and use all of the information. Remember that you can make your Instagram use more efficient with a quick result. You can also have fun with your followers by conducting instant polls.

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