Instagram Green Line on Stories Right Side of Videos and Photos

Instagram Green Line on Stories Right Side of Videos and Photos

One of the differences in Instagram, which has recently caught your attention, is the green line on Instagram stories right side that you don't know what it is doing, or that your learning will be different lately. Instagram Story Green Line problem is actually a selection rather than a feature that varies depending on how you share the story.

Users started to see a green line in Instagram story or post shares. The green lines for both photo and video sharing make users unhappy. It is frustrating that there is a green line from top to bottom in the right side of the image in Instagram stories that are so much worked and shared.

We'll share some useful suggestions to solve the green line problem that occurs in Instagram stories right side. First of all, the green line problem in the photos and videos on Instagram stories does not say that the application is corrupted. Please note that the current version of Instagram is available on your phone to correct this problem. If you're using Android for this, iPhone users in the Google Play Store can also check the up-to-date of Instagram apps on the App Store. If your phone does not have enough memory, you may experience a green line problem. To do this, delete some photos and videos from your internal memory. If the green line still hasn't been solved, uninstall Instagram and reinstall it on the phone. This will eliminate the green line problem in photos you upload to Instagram stories.

This means that it will be called sharing to close friends ve and this will make it easier for you to share. So if you want to share stories but still don't want everyone to see them, you can always use this feature. If you want to share a normal story, you can use it without any problems when you click on the Share button by clicking on the Close Friends Only tab from the section you can share with whom you will share in the final stage. You'll have trouble-free use, along with stories that you can share so that only close friends can see you set up earlier.

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