How to Share and Upload Longer Videos on Instagram Stories

How to Share and Upload Longer Videos on Instagram Stories

When you capture a beautiful moment and shoot a very special video for you, it is normal that you want to share it with your loved ones. Thanks to the instinct to share that is as precious as the pleasure of living a beautiful moment, you can always post your private videos on Instagram not just as a post; Your desire to share can also a story.

How to Share Longer Videos on Instagram Stories one time of the main reasons for a future issue is that 1 story is limited to 15 seconds. A 1-minute video can be shared in 4 stories, or longer-lasting videos may need to be split into the same equal parts. However, if you want to upload a 1-minute video to the Instagram story, the Instagram story feature automatically divides it into 4 tracks, allowing you to share different stories. There is no application you need, and you can do this quickly within Instagram itself.

Sharing videos and broadcasting live on Instagram accounts has become more popular with increasing internet speeds. For Instagram users or influencers who want to share all their experiences in Instagram stories, the 15-second video sharing limit in Instagram stories is not enough. Some of them use their capabilities to produce videos that fit in 15 seconds, while most Instagram users have more than 15 seconds. In this case, you need to split the video you want to upload to Instagram into 15 seconds.

It's possible to upload videos of more than 15 seconds to the Instagram story at one time. In this case, the users who follow you will watch your Instagram stories one by one and watch the whole video with 15 seconds. You can use Instagram's own app to cut videos with a length of more than 15 seconds that you want to upload to Instagram. Of course, you can also benefit from 3rd party software and mobile applications.

No matter whether it's Android or iPhone, download free apps on your phone when you search from the app market as a video cut app. Select your video that you want to upload to Instagram stories and longer than 15 seconds, then split it into 15 seconds. Divided tracks will be saved in the gallery or videos section of your phone's memory. Once you've finished cutting the video, open the Instagram app to upload it to Instagram stories at once and select the videos and start uploading.

So when you want to share a long story, you just need to add and share the video just like it shares a normal story. And also; You can add meaning to all your stories by using, which will give you a chance to use without any problem in moments that you want to make more than 1 minute or more, and you can catch the result you want even faster. This web application is provided completely free of charge and you can benefit from sharing all kinds of videos without any problem.

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