Coronavirus COVID-19 Instagram Story Innovations and Precautions

Coronavirus COVID-19 Instagram Story Innovations and Precautions

The coronavirus COVID-19 code disease that has emerged in Wuhan, China has spread all over the world. This deadly virus, which spread in European countries such as Italy and Spain in the Iranian region after China. It has influenced America recently. Donald Trump announced that New York, New Jersey and Connecticut will be quarantined.

Rare images in the last century, this virus disease especially affects the elderly. The current country warns its citizens to stay at home to combat coronavirus, and a curfew is declared. In some cases, the death toll has exceeded thousands. It is unclear when billions of people worldwide are interpreted in their homes in quarantine and when the coronavirus outbreak COVID-19 will end.

When the situation is serious in this way, other than eating at home, people go to the internet from phones, computers and televisions, they consume video and play games. During these difficult days, famous artists are broadcast live from their Instagram accounts and give concerts. People are called to stay at home to keep their morale at the highest level and are provided in the conscious movement of everyone. All these messages are mainly given from social channels such as Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram has recently made updates and innovations on the platform to combat coronavirus. These updates include the editing of content within the app and some innovations for interacting and sharing live content and story sharing. You have reviewed Instagram's measures for coronavirus COVID-19 and their innovations for Instagram Story.

More educational content will be included in the Instagram Search section.

In Instagram Stories, searches for COVID-19 related filters will not be made, except for filters prepared together with the official health institution.

Instagram, the "Stay At Home" sticker in the coming days, and its useful benefits with hand washing, COVID-19.

Instagram offered to see Instagram posts together via video chat to help them stay connected. With this feature, people will see the photo icon in the bottom right corner in the video chat, and will view the photos and videos they have recorded or liked with their friends.

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