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Nikko Hurtado nikkohurtado 03/04/2020 13:43:09 instagram story


Nikko Hurtado nikkohurtado 03/04/2020 13:41:34 instagram story


Nikko Hurtado nikkohurtado 03/04/2020 13:40:23 instagram story


Nikko Hurtado nikkohurtado 03/04/2020 07:57:15 instagram story
Nikko Hurtado nikkohurtado 03/04/2020 07:44:14 instagram story

Nikko Hurtado nikkohurtado 03/04/2020 05:51:39 instagram story
Nikko Hurtado nikkohurtado 03/04/2020 04:17:46 instagram story
Nikko Hurtado nikkohurtado 03/04/2020 03:07:01 instagram story

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How to Tag and Mention People in Instagram Stories

Sharing a photo with your friends always attracts more attention. If you've found something worth sharing while browsing photos after having a perfect day that will make you happier, you should share it in a different and special way. If you want to at least label your partner and feel valuable to him / her, it will be better if you share a few notes that your day has been perfect.

To do people mention tagging in Instagram Stories, you need to upload the photo first. After you put the photo or video in the story, you can type the name of your friend or the page you want to tag after you put the “@“ sign in the message writing section. When you type your name, you will see a list of the accounts and profiles you have followed directly. Once you find and click on your instagram friend in the list, you'll be tagged. As a result of the tagging, you will receive information as a direct message to the other party, and you will ensure that those who see your story go to your friend's profile when they click on the tag.

In Instagram stories that have recently become active, people tagging and mention is used a lot. When you perform an activity with the people you follow, you can tag any person in the story. Or, if you just want your friend to be aware of the Instagram story you share, you can use the person tagging feature in the story. Thanks to user mention in the Instagram story, people following you and watching your story can access Instagram profiles of the users you tagged.

You can get different information from here to experience the tagging experience that sometimes plays a big role, even if you don't use it much in your circle of friends. After learning the details such as which story you can tag with, and how to make a subject tag to show your stories more, you can use it without any problem, even if not every story; You can now make mention of related stories more comfortable. Even if you just use the @ sign, you will be able to mention everyone easily, and you should examine the details for professional use.

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