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How to Create Instagram Story Effects?

Effects that have recently become the most popular features of Instagram can now be created by anyone. Instagram effects come to the fore as a fun and interaction enhancing feature for instagram stories. Moving effects such as which Disney character and which is the most popular Pokemon character have been widely used worldwide.
Now, all Instagram users are wondering how to use these animated effects. Of course, you can also make your own personal effects. Brands have even started working on making Instagram effects. It is a positive situation that Instagram effects are used for brands and become a digital marketing tool.

Now we will talk about how you can create your own Instagram story effect. As you know, since Instagram is purchased by Facebook, all infrastructure and technical product developments are carried out by Facebook teams. You can create your own effects for Instagram stories with the Augmented Reality (AR) software Spark AR, which Facebook introduced at the F8 developers conference held every year last August. Thanks to the Spark AR platform, anyone who wishes to create and share their own augmented reality effects for Instagram.

Instagram announced and released its augmented reality filters in 2018. It allows you to find all the filters published in the Instagram application called Browse Effects. Augmented reality effects developed using the Spark AR platform have been used by over 1 billion people so far.

How to Create Instagram Effects Using Spark AR?

If you want to create your own effect, you first need to download the application called Spark AR Studio on your computer. This software works on devices with Windows and macOS operating systems. Since there are many guidelines and sample projects in Facebook's Spark AR community, you need to have a Developer Account to perform the effect creation process that will be easily prepared.

What you can do afterwards changes in direct proportion with your imagination and skills. To get started, you can start with simple effects and improve yourself. You can continue to have fun by sharing your Instagram filters with your friends.

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