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Dr Miguel Stanley drmiguelstanley 29/03/2020 21:12:28 instagram story


Dr Miguel Stanley drmiguelstanley 29/03/2020 18:35:31 instagram story


Dr Miguel Stanley drmiguelstanley 29/03/2020 13:31:31 instagram story



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Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Stories with Instagram Layout

Stories come to the fore among the sections that Instagram users use the most. Instagram users like to share their instant experiences on stories instead of sharing them on their profile walls. Stories are deleted within 24 hours. Those who think that Instagram timelines are polluted have more fun using stories.

Instagram stories allow you to share instant too much. Even in stories where you can share photos or 15-second videos, there are no people who want to come out perfectly. Influencers, celebrities, or casual Instagram users add effects to Instagram stories to make them more engaging, making filters and visuals interesting. It is also possible to add stickers to the stories and get feedback from their followers.

Instagram has recently announced its new feature Layout, which allows you to make collages between 2 and 6 photos in stories. So you can combine multiple photos into Instagram stories, combine them and create meaningful collage photos. Strict Instagram users will love this feature because you had to use 3rd party apps and services to add multiple photos to the Instagram story and create collages. Moreover, since many of these applications were paid, not everyone could add a collage to their story. You don't have to use apps like Canva anymore.

Instagram Layout feature allows you to create a professional photo collage without the need for other software and applications. To create collages in Instagram stories, you need to use Instagram Layout. So how to use this feature and what we want to share with you immediately.

Instagram stories You can add a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 photos for the Layout feature. You can take it from your phone's camera or add it from the photo gallery. Then it is entirely up to your free thinking and your imagination. When using Instagram Layout you can make stories richer with emoji and effects. You can also try out ready-made templates for Instagram's Layout feature. If there is a collage work you've seen on another user before and you like so much, you can make your own Instagram story collage just like it.

You can publish two different photos, such as before after, with Instagram Layout. As you can do about an event that happened to you, you can share your previous years and your present photo with this collage. If you have dieted and weakened again, you can add a before after story with Instagram Layout collage and surprise those who follow you.
If you do not see the Instagram Layout feature in the story insert section, we recommend that you update your Instagram application. According to the operating system you use the application to go to the download market to check whether the update is useful.

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